Bad Driver Or Bad Driving? – It’s You Who Decides

When an accident occurs, who is to be blamed? Is it the driver or the way he drives? How does one come to the conclusion of a good and bad driver? Is it the level of experience and the number of years he has driven? Is it the vehicle he drives? What suffices the requirement? People worry when there is a “newbie” behind the wheel, parents worry that their teens need more time in the driving course, but how many mature adults have we seen who were directly or indirectly involved in some kind of road accident at least one time in their life? Whilst accidents can be catastrophic, do you ever wonder what causes these to take place. One minor distraction, one glance away from the road and make a driver go off road. So what are those instances? You have to read ahead to find out.

Texting syndrome

The main reason for drivers to be distracted and take their eyes off the road. This syndrome leads people to check their phones constantly and somehow believe that driving safely becomes the second option. Checking and responding to messages becomes first priority. Studies have proven that more than 50% of high school and college student agreed to the fact that they either emailed or txt-ed while driving. Drivers who tend to text while driving have more than 25 times of a possibility of involving in an accident. It only takes a mere 5 seconds to take your eyes off the road and glance at your phone. As per professional driving instructor information, if we put the above to the test, a person who’s texting will take roughly about 70 feet before he can hit the brakes unlike a drunk driving person who will take around about 4 feet before hitting the brakes.

The occasional eating while driving

It is an agreeable fact that many people can multitask. But does that mean it’s advisable to eat and drive? Research and driving instructors confirm that, eating while driving tends to slow down the reaction time of the driver by almost 50%. Eating is indeed a distraction when you’re on the road. You only tend to use on hand when driving while the other handles the food. It much similar as you are driving with a pet. Most countries, drivers are fined if caught with such acts.

Other than these above facts, there are many other reasons for fatal car crashes. Personal grooming while driving, reading maps, switching channels on the radio are some of the mere reasons for fatal accidents to happen.