Center-Based And Home-Based Care Alternatives For Your Child

When you have to go to work and have no one to leave your child with, you may want to consider one of the several types of care services available in your area. Since different children have different needs, make sure to choose the type of care that is most suitable for your child, based on her age, temperament and personality: it could be a day care or kindergarten where she can spend a lot of her time in the company of siblings, or a nanny or babysitter who will focus all of her care and attention on the one child.

A custom built Ormeau child care center provides qualified supervision and education to children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years old. This is the solution for families with busy work schedules, since the child can stay at the center for several hours each day, or until late in the afternoon, with the option to eat and nap on the premises.

Children below school age, typically between 3 and 5 years old, can also be admitted into a kindergarten or a pre-school that is sometimes housed by child care centers and schools. Their educational programs are designed with proper child development in mind, and some care centers welcome even primary school children; in this case, they are open during school holidays as well.

There are care centers that provide supervision outside school hours (before and after classes, and during weekends and holidays); these are obviously meant for primary school aged children, and also provide recreational activities. Whichever type you choose, make sure the educator / supervisor is first aid and CPR certified. Hit the link to learn more.

Non center-based options

Alternatively, a babysitter can be employed part time or full time to supervise the child. You could also hire an experienced nanny to take care and sometimes educate your child during her first years of life; nannies can live inside your home so that they are constantly with your child, or can come for several hours each day, as needed.

An Au Pair can also be suitable for your family, especially if you are only interested in hiring someone short term, usually up to one year. Since the Au Pair generally comes from another country, she will most likely live with you, and will take care of household chores as well.

If you only need a carer every now and then, occasional care can be a great alternative. This is suitable for parents who work part-time or in shifts, as well as in emergency situations when there is no relative or friend who can supervise the child on short notice.