Decide Which Course You Want To Study

The general English course that Milestones English Academy Pty Ltd provides its students with has an approximate duration of two months, but the course has various levels, for example for beginners it is elementary, followed by pre-intermediate, next is intermediate level, followed by upper intermediate and last is the advanced stage. These categories within a course allow instructors to better guide students according to their current status in terms of comfort with the language. 

Some of the important aspects included in this course are that students are required to talk to their fellows and the instructor in a very normal and regular setting and environment, so that nothing sounds or seems fake or artificial. They are taught the right pronunciation of words and use of grammar for instance when and where and how to use the correct form of verb etc. All three areas: reading writing and listening are polished, students are required to read out stories and paragraphs as instructed by the instructor and others asked to listen, this way dual skills are enhanced and vocabulary build up. Towards the end of the course they can on their own write on a variety of topics and scenarios.

This was all about what might be a part of the course, the next thing is the way it is going to be taught, which is also of similar significance, the lessons will incorporate a combination of projects assigned to students, their aptitude tested time and again to monitor any new developments in learning and improvements they have come across, various themes are brought into discussions such as social, political etc. to make the class lively and interesting, often instructors impart education by playing word games or something of the sort, for a change from the regular class so that it does not become mundane and monotonous, thinking skills develop with tasks assigned to solve but largely the focus is on how effectively one can communicate its ideas, pinions, and thoughts. Register yourself in the course today to start your journey of learning.

Apart from general English, they also help students to prepare for IELTS as well. IELTS is one of the tests whose results are worldwide accepted and regarded as a proof of how well you know English language. This test is often required as must for admission in universities and colleges all over Australia, even if you are not a student and want to work. In the IELTS they test your English listening, speaking, writing and reading. As an academy Milestone, prepares students for all of these categories, in addition they guide you with tips to ace at this test as its score can determine your future admissions and immigration visas.