School Excursions Should Help Children Learn

It is important to ensure that school going children do not spend all their time in class as this may lead to boredom and monotony. In many cases, pupils have performed poorly as a result of lack of exposure to various life shaping activities which could have changed their performance for the better. Many schools and especially those in the rural areas do not organize field events for their pupils. As a result, the pupils become narrow minded in their thinking as well as their academic performance. This is because the students just know about their village, their teachers and parents. These have dire implications on the student’s future.

They may never fit in other societies outside theirs. There should be concerted efforts between parents, teachers and pupils to expose all the pupils to the wider society once in a while before they can become of age to expose themselves. This will help in mentoring responsible and courageous members of the society who can become future leaders, doctors, accountant and lawyers. In the recent world exposing pupils and students has become part of the curriculum and there is every reason for each school to make it a policy to take their pupils and students for a tour of the world once during their stay in the school. It is known that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. In as much the pupils and students came to school to learn, authorities should ensure that this learning is objective and wide.

Children should be taken for school excursions where they will learn various additional lessons which they are not likely to learn in class. There is need to improve the objectivity and the reasoning of these children as this is the only way to bring up people who can contribute positively towards the development of the world through offering insightful and positive contribution to the economy.

The cost of such excursions can be borne by all the parties involved but in many cases, the parents are required to bear the cost without involving their children or teachers. In an objective society, the government comes in since it understands the importance of such excursion to the future lives of the participants. Students and pupils who have attended such excursions have a lot to write and tell their examiners and as a result, they pass their examinations without straining so much. They also learn new things which others who didn’t attend have little or no idea about. This is very important as it will change the lives of such people for the better. Find out more with international school in Bangkok

With the increased demand for leisure, there is commensurate demand for zoo functions. After weddings and other ceremonies people are opting to hold reception parties in zoos and other places where they can have fun and unwind without any form of restrictions as is the norm in other places where space is limited and there are so many people who increase congestion hence making the party less enjoyable.