Time To Look Attractive!

Beauty therapy is also very famous with the name of cosmetology and the same is the very basic element of beauty industry. Beauty therapy has a number of discrete disciplines like skin care, pedicures, manicures, hairstyling and proper use of cosmetics. Every kind of beauty therapy treatment is specifically designed for each skin tone and type. Hence, before going through the beauty treatment you should know which product and treatment will suit better on your skin.

Let’s, have a look on some of the famous beauty treatments.

Advanced nail technology: there are so many beauty salon and parlor who offer nail extension facility as an element of beauty treatment. Women usually choose facial courses Sydney if they have distorted, short, bitten and damaged nails to improve their appearance. This method keeps the nails in proper shape and good condition as well as circumvents any damage to them.

Deluxe Pedicure:  pedicure is the process to provide relaxation to the feet and involves dead cells removal as well as pressure points stimulation of feet. Beauticians do leg massage at the end after doing the basic buffing and scrubbing the feet and nails cutting.

Deluxe manicures: it takes usually 30 to 40 minutes in having a normal session of manicure but takes around an hour if you want to have deluxe manicure session. This session usually involves cutting of cuticles as well as nails are pruned, buffed and trimmed. Scrubbing session is also done to remove dead skin cells and the dead skin is brushed off with the help of three diverse sizes of scrubber. At the end of the method, hand massage is done following the steam bath so that the cream can settle up in the skin.

Makeup: blemish and scars can hide up by applying makeup. It helps to look beautiful.  Women choose to go to the parlor that has completed beauty therapy courses from reputed institute. Because all the professionals in the parlor or salon must have the knowledge of foundations creams and mixing the right blends of colors according to the skin tone. Lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, powder, concealer and foundation are very common makeup products.

Skin care treatment: almost all people prefer to have makeup courses some sorts of skin treatments like facial massage despite of moisturizing, toning, and cleansing. Many people have the problem of dry skin so they prefer to have the deep moisturizing for rejuvenating the dried up and dead skin cells. Skin care treatments also include the scrubbing, peeling and exfoliation session as well. All these treatments have to done manually.

Eyelash and eyebrow thickening treatment: this treatment type involves eyebrow shaping and trimming as per the client’s requirements. Professionals have to decide the shape of the eyebrow according to the particular face cut.