What To Expect From Early Child Development

Although some mothers want to keep their children at home for as long as possible, there are plenty of advantages to entering them into a learning environment before they start school. This can be done through a day care centre, which allows them to learn more about their environment and communication with other children from an early age. This can be very beneficial in the long run, giving them the chance to practice key skills before they are needed in a classroom environment. It also allows them to get used to the idea of learning every day, by introducing it through playful activities. Here is what to expect if you decide to go this route.

Fully Trained Staff
You should certainly expect that anyone working at a long day care in Bondi centre has required qualifications. This is in line with the law according to recent changes. Their training should cover everything that they will need to know about childcare, from basic care and needs through to how to teach young children. You should be able to check out the qualifications of the staff members before you enrol your child if you request this information.

Nutritious and Healthy Food
Because it takes place during the day, you should also expect meals to be provided during long day care. If this is the case, then you can also expect them to have a high nutritional value. You should be able to check up on the menu before you enrol your child, and before any changes are made. If this is not the case, you may wish to reconsider your choice. You need to know what your child is eating, and to be absolutely sure that the best possible health options are provided. If they are not eating well, you may consider taking them to a different day care or providing the meals yourself.

A Strong Learning Environment
Your child should also have access to a learning environment which sets them up for future development. Creative thought should be encouraged, as should physical and social interaction. Emotional reactions should be explored, as well as a spiritual and moral sensibility. Above all, your child should learn how to communicate properly, as well as beginning to develop a sense of self. Some of this will happen naturally within the environment, which is shared with other children. The rest is the responsibility of the staff members who run the day care centre and set up a schedule of activities for each day.